Open a coffee shop. How to choose the right equipment? 15.05.2014

Open a coffee shop. How to choose the right equipment?

If you are thinking about starting your own business in catering a coffee shop can be a the perfect choice. Nowadays such places are quite popular and when the organization is competent the business can become quite lucrative.

Where to start?

First we need to define the format of the institution. Now the coffee shops of American and French types are the most common. What are their differences?

In coffee shop of American style the service is organized as quickly as possible. They lack the hot kitchen and as a dessert the client can choose ready cupcakes, muffins and other pastries. Visitors are served only on the racks and coffee is served  usually in paper cups, so it is suitable for use in a coffee shop as well as take away. Similar applies to those places where people do not linger long, and quickly drink up a cup of coffee or take it with them.

French coffee shop is more intimate setting. There you can see the tablecloths and china cups as well as fresh hot desserts. The waiters serve the clients in such coffeehouses, visitors are not hurry and comfortably spend their time.

Both types of coffee shops can be equally profitable. In the first case, you can get good revenue due to the large number of visitors, and in the second one - at the expense of much bigger average check. While choosing the type of coffee shop it is better to base on its location, facilities and other factors which determine the contingent of visitors.

The necessary equipment should be chosen depending on the selected type of coffee shop. For example, in the American-style coffee house  very powerful espresso machine should be, which produces drinks quickly and in large quantities, while,  for French-style coffee shops the more variety of equipment is needed, what will expand the menu of drinks.

How to choose the right equipment?

The basis of any coffee shop menu of course is coffee. That is why the main component of equipment in such establishments are coffee makers, coffee machines and grinders.

Coffee makers, as well as coffee making facilities are divided into three types: personal, professional and semi-professional. Domestic coffee machines are used exclusively in the home and are not designed for a large amount of brewed coffee. Semi-professional ones are much more powerful, but for use in coffee shops with a large influx of visitors still will not work. They can be used in most stores that sell coffee and offer its customers a tasting drinks. And only professional machines are suitable for coffee shops.

Professional coffee machines can be divided into semi-automatic and superautomatic. Semi-automatic coffee makers require the presence of a competent barista, from whom largely depend  the quality and who will serve drinks. In the case of using such a machine it is recommended to taste drinks at least three times a day as well as control the amount of coffee grind in a coffee grinder.

Fully automatic coffee machine practically requires no human intervention and provides the same quality of  drinks. As a rule these coffee machines have built- in grinder, which allows to make coffee from freshly ground beans, which in turn provides a distinctive flavor of the drink.

Choosing coffee maker will depend on the format of the place. For American-style coffee house the superautomatic machines would be better, since they will make drinks quickly without sacrificing quality.

In French-style coffee shops the usage of semi-automatic coffee maker in the presence of professional barista will allow to diversify the menu with more interesting drinks than regular coffee.

Thus, for example, “latte art” is very popular direction nowadays.  It means the creation of original drawings in a cup of latte using the cream, which is not just automatically mixed with coffee but is poured in the drink gradually using a special technology.

In addition, the French-style coffee houses are advised not only use one type of coffee makers, but also an extra coffee maker that allows you to prepare east-coffee. This kind of coffee is prepared in Cezve and is especially popular in our country.

What characteristics is important when choosing a coffee machine ?

Choosing a coffee machine you should pay attention to the presence of the integrated grinder, which may have to be bought extra as well as on the type of security system with water. According to this characteristic the machines can be flood-maker or connected to a central water supply. If you select the plug-in coffee machines  you will need to install water filter which will significantly improve the quality of the drinks as well as extend the life of coffee machine.

Well, one of the main characteristics of the coffee machine is of course its power. The main thing to consider when it is selected is the number of cups of coffee, which it is able to make per an hour. Based on the average number of visitors you can calculate the required number of servings. If American-style coffee shop is assumed to be a large influx of customers who will not just sit in a coffee shop but also take drinks with them, the French-style coffee shop is easier to implement such a calculation based on the number of seats.

Maresto company offers not only all necessary equipment for any type of coffee shop arrangement  but also delivery and installation. And if you do not know where to start  you can always use the services of the design department. The experts will offer you the most convenient option of coffee equipment based on the customer's wishes and financial possibilities.

Author: Natalia Platonova
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