The choice of restaurant equipment. Basic steps 04.06.2014

The choice of restaurant equipment. Basic steps

How to avoid mistakes when you open a restaurant, what should be bought firstly and without what you can do?

When opening a restaurant, coffee shop, pub or bar certainly there is a question about the equipment for cooking and storing food. At this stage restaurateurs make a lot of mistakes.

What we must remember when choosing equipment for catering establishments

All equipment can be divided into the following groups: refrigeration equipment (for food storage), heating equipment (ovens, cookers, fryers), electromechanical equipment (slicers, meat grinders), technological furniture (sinks, tables) and equipment for bars/restaurants (coffee machines, mixers, blenders).

The food choice and menu itself affect the choice of equipment of each group. For example, if the emphasis is on desserts, the grill is not required. This is basic stuff, but paradoxically some restaurateurs firstly buy the equipment and only then seriously think about what they really need.

Comfortable and quality kitchen is the success of each restaurant, regardless of its type. Sinks, tables, boards – all this must necessarily be in any case. However, the next stage – correct location of equipment, in this case – of technological furniture – is important. This issue is usually handled by either technologists (who have relevant work experience) or the chef (who will work in this kitchen). Dimensions of tables, plates, the distance between them, the convenience and proximity of their location – all this is very important. The same laws as in the home kitchen could be applied here, but everything should be thought over more carefully. The special places for ready meals and separately for dirty dishes should be in the kitchen. 

It is not necessary to trust what suppliers recommend or rather impose when selecting the manufacturer of restaurant equipment. Their main goal is to sell a product and it is known that the target justifies the means.

Also you need to remember the following.

It is important to ask whether there is a service facility in the region for the equipment that you have decided to give preference. Any device sooner or later breaks down and can make the restaurant kitchen functioning impossible without it. Availability of the service center will solve the problems of this kind.

It is necessary to know the electrical characteristics of the devices and the wiring system in the building. If you do not have such information disabling fuses is the least unpleasant thing that would expect you.

Recent trends that are available in range/purchase/sale of restaurant equipment directly relate to current trends in the restaurant industry as a whole. For example, currently the meals in the restaurant are desirable to taste like cooked "at home" at  grandmother's recipes. That's why many restaurants buy Josper – brazier-compromise. It can be put in the kitchen space and it will not break the rules of fire safety. Combi steamer is another very demandable and fashionable trend among restaurant equipment. However, it is quite expensive equipment, so you should calculate all aspects of its use: the number of dishes that will be cooked, the flow of customers per day, speed of preparation etc. And then decide whether to purchase it or not.

In recent years the demand for second-hand equipment significantly increased but here there are some nuances as well.

In any case you should not buy second-hand refrigeration equipment, it is very risky. As it comes about heat and electromechanical equipment you ought to consider manufacturer and state of a unit. The technological furniture has only one requirement – it should be comfortable.

However you should remember that the new equipment always function longer and with less loss of time and money on repairs.

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