Another «Novus» 14.11.2013

Another «Novus»

A large retail chain of hypermarkets continues to cooperate with the company Maresto.

On Friday, October 25 in Kiev Pechersk another store of known chain of hypermarkets "Novus" was opened. Uniqueness of the event is in the fact that this is the first supermarket in the city center that sets a high standard offering its customers a European format purchases.

High standards of supermarket are determined not only by its size, appearance or quality of service ( all that in novus is done "excellent" ) , but primarily a wide range of certified products and products of own production. And the last is directly dependent on the production departments with quality equipment for cooking and food storage.

That is why the management of "Novus" has established close cooperation with Maresto - a leader on the domestic market of equipment for catering supply.

Bakery products, gastronomy, meat and fish departments remain popular category of goods. Production workshop and cooking department staffed with such equipment as convection ovens Angelo Po and Rarional, duplex fryer Berto's, electric cookers, electro-flake ice maker with ice bin.

Hypermarket chain "Novus" is preferable by its customers for the department of bakery products produced according to original recipes. Therefore, the most crucial moment is the selection of bakery equipment: mixers, dough divider - rounder, planetary mixers, rotary ovens and proofers Revent.

Visitors and residents of the capital have already appreciated "Novus" Pechersk and  trading network fans ensured that the products of its own production are not inferior to the quality of hypermarkets that already had time to prove themselves. And not the last role in this was played by cooperation "Novus" with Maresto - company ready to provide a full range of equipment for the professional kitchen. 

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