A new detergent was developed by Rational 03.05.2016

A new detergent was developed by Rational

The German company implemented cheaper service of combi ovens using the latest technologies. 

It is known that a combi oven needs to be washed after work. The specialrinsing agents are quite expensive. The Rational company optimized the formula of detergents. It results in increasing of their efficiency in more that 1,5 times.

There are following changes:

 - there are not 100 packages in the bucket, but 150 packages;

 - there are not 4 tablets in the package, but 6 tablets;

-  the number of buckets that fit on one pallet varies from 48 to 40 units;

-  price remains unchanged.

Maresto company offers its customers to experience the convenience of new detergents Rational. New rinsing tablets 56.00.562 for Care Control are available to order.

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