Postreliz of the last exhibition in Kiev

Postreliz of the last exhibition in Kiev

On 6-8 November 2013 Maresto company participated in the "International expoforum restrant - hotel business and cleaning." Forum has become a traditional event and meeting place for both new customers and long-standing partners.

A wide range of equipment distributed by Maresto was presented on three stands:

- Heat line and Angelo Po combi steamers
- Thermal line Berto's
- Convection ovens Wiesheu, Rational, Piron, Unox
- Charcoal ovens Josper
- Teppanyaki grills
- Refrigeration equipment DGD
- Brema Ice Makers
- Dishwashing equipment Krupps
- Juicers Zumex
- Packaging equipment Lavezzini

The quipment was demonstrated in the demo mode that allowed to get a full understanding of the benefits of devices and get acquainted with the principles of work as well as get competent advice from specialists.

Teppanyaki grills were of the greatest interest. It is the equipment for the show organization and cooking in front of customers. Visitors' attention was also drawn to the stand with charcoal ovens Josper that allow to cook over a fire in a closed room. During the exhibition Maresto company provided general information about charcoal ovens Josper, more detailed specifications and the possibility of testing equipment was available at the master-class Josper. Master-class will be held in early December in Kiev and Donetsk Maresto company branch which will be reported in details later.

The dealer conference held at the "International expoforum restrant - hotel business and cleaning" has already become traditional.  During the conference Maresto company introduced new equipment and held meetings with representatives of foreign manufacturers.

Maresto company thanks customers, partners and dealers for productive negotiations and visiting the company booth. We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation in the new business season! 

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